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Minnehaha Parkway is for everyone — bikers, walkers, and drivers. For decades this has been the shared community understanding of the role this major regional park plays for our city and its residents.

People genuinely love driving the Parkway. They also value its role as part of the Grand Rounds – a picturesque drive though scenic areas of our city.

Recently, the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board has initiated a major redesign process that threatens to close parts of the Parkway to cars. This will...

  • disrupt enjoyment of a continuous Parkway and Grand Rounds

  • threaten the longstanding vision of the park, and

  • divert traffic onto neighborhood streets.

Public Feedback via an online survey has been overwhelmingly opposed - 264 against, only 21 in favor - to closing the Parkway for numerous reasons, as this summary shows.

  • Traffic: Rarely an issue. Minor improvements (speed bumps, traffic lights, signage, etc.) to complex areas (Portland/50th/Pkwy) okay but not major changes.

  • Grand Rounds: Preserve this picturesque and relaxing continuous route.

  • Equal Access: Handicapped people or elderly can’t walk/bike so they will be forced off parts of parkway.

  • Safety: Closures will divert cars into neighborhood side streets/alleys.

  • Convenience: Parkway is a main route and/or preferred route for many to work, school, church, hospital, or

  • area businesses.

  • Tourism: Driving the parkway is a source of pride for Mpls; showcase for visitors; treasure for the city.

  • Prioritization: Fixing /maintaining trees, creek banks, flood mitigation should be the top priority.

  • Weather: Most people do not bike for 4-5+ months in Minnesota. Why restrict cars year-round?

  • Public Safety: Emergency vehicles will be restricted from a main throughway under Nicollet Ave. Upper diversion involves bottles necks, uncontrolled intersections, and blind crossings. Creates a more

  • secluded/dangerous area under Nicollet Ave.

  • No Perceived need: The community was not asking for this major change. It is a solution looking for a problem.

LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD. Join us in sending a strong message to the Mpls. Parks and Recreation Board — Preserve the Parkway as a continuous drive, a shared legacy, and a source of pride for our city.

Adam Arvidson – Project Lead

Brad Bourn, District 6, President

Jono Cowgill, District 4

Meg Forney, At Large

Londel French, At Large

AK Hassan, District 3, Vice Pres

Chris Meyer, District 1

Steffanie Musich, District 5

Kale Severson, District 2