Proposed 25-story apartment tower renews debate over Dinkytown's future

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"Chris Lautenschlager, executive director of the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association (MHNA), said the response to the 25-story Dinkytown project has been mixed with “what feels like four or five different sides to this.”

"Since preliminary plans were first shared with MHNA in early August, some students have lobbied around the idea that while the area needs more housing, it needs to be more affordable than the hundreds of units that have recently been built. A month after that first meeting, the developer presented the association’s land use committee with more details and two more meetings have been held.

"In a letter to the Minneapolis Planning Commission’s committee of the whole in early August, Marcy-Holmes resident and MHNA President Vic Thorstenson stressed the need for a more diverse mix of rentals. “Our board insists that significant steps are taken by the developer to provide rental price points that are affordable to the students this project will inevitably be marketed to,” he wrote.

Lautenschlager said the prospect of more affordable units is still on the table, but it’s unclear how that will be achieved.

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