Proposed district challenges density

West Calhoun proposal could limit scale of development on 3.2 acres near Bde Maka Ska

In a part of the West Calhoun neighborhood where the city envisions high-density residential development, more than two dozen homeowners have applied for a type of historic protection that could allow them to help dictate the size of future buildings.

The homeowners, who reside in an area immediately west of Bde Maka Ska that’s currently zoned for one- or two-family development, have asked the city to designate their combined 3.2 acres as a “conservation district.”

The designation, never before used in Minneapolis, would allow them to work with city planners to create “design guidelines” that could include limits on a building’s height and square footage, senior city planner John Smoley said. Those limits could be more restrictive than the given zoning code, though they couldn’t prevent uses allowed by the code.

The homeowners’ application comes as the city prepares to update its zoning code after passage of the Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan, which calls for increasing the number of housing units in Minneapolis, especially near transit stations.

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"Proposed district challenges density"; By NATE GOTLIEB; southwestjournal; August 23, 2019

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