Public Hearing 2/18: Charter Amendment for Public Safety

Updated: Feb 15

Just a heads up that there will be a Public Hearing to speak to this Charter Amendment on Thursday, February 18th at 1:30 pm. You can sign up to call in here.

It should be called out that in today's 2/4/21 meeting of the Public Health and Safety Committee that there was no final language of the amendment available, yet the committee voted to schedule the Public Hearing.

** UPDATE 2/12/2021 - there was no final language a week later either! **

The only Council Member to deny scheduling the hearing was Linea Palmisano. She asked for this item to be taken off the consent agenda for discussion. She pointed out that it is unrealistic to expect the public to research the proposed amendment and formulate feedback for a public hearing when there is no final language at this time. After referral to the City Clerk and comments from Steve Fletcher, it seems the big rush is to meet Charter Commission deadlines and avoid running out of time to get this on the ballot for 2021. The scheduling of the hearing passed in committee with "yes" votes by Cunningham, Fletcher, Ellison, Cano and Gordon.

While we are waiting for the final language to come out of the City Attorney's office, here is the "outline" of the amendment that the City Clerk referred us to:

Get ready to weigh in! This "new Charter Department to provide public safety services, including law enforcement, and the removal of the Police Department as a standalone Charter Department" is being rushed through by this Council. It is time for them to hear from all of us.

If you would prefer to email at any time, please reference Public Safety Charter Amendment 2021-00105. The email address below will put your comments on the public record:

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