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Some Minneapolitans actually need cars. 

Has anyone thought about how rezoning to higher density will affect the elderly, the disabled and anyone else with mobility issues?

Allowing construction of higher-density buildings without provision for parking spaces for each unit will be disastrous.

Remember that people can suddenly and unexpectedly become mobility-impaired — either temporarily or permanently.

While a completely able-bodied person may find the lack of nearby parking an inconvenience or an annoyance, what about someone who must rely on vehicles to survive? For example, someone who needs care by home health services? People who do this work are very difficult to find (and keep) — why would they go to a Minneapolis address where they might have to search for parking, take precious minutes to find it and be blocks from the client’s residence? Where will Uber/Lyft/Metro Mobility/transport vans park to pick people up (who might need assistance and take some time to embark)?

How will they shop and get their provisions back to their homes when parking isn’t available?

If anyone thinks this is an exaggeration, go to Uptown where two- to three-story apartment buildings line the streets, off-street parking is limited, and local parking restrictions abound. Residents often park blocks from home, sometimes as far as six or eight blocks during snow emergencies. Try to imagine this situation across the city.

The proposal sounds like a nightmare to this Minneapolis native and frequent visitor. And a major barrier to housing access for all but the able-bodied.


"Minneapolis rezoning"; By Sue Sherek; StarTribune Readers Write; Sept 27, 2019

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