'Rehab Addict' Nicole Curtis angered by another Minneapolis teardown

The TV star is accusing the City of Minneapolis of hypocrisy over its housing policy. - Adam Uren - March 25, 2019

When Nicole Curtis finished work on her contentious remodel in north Minneapolis this past November, she vowed it would be her last project in Minneapolis.

But that hasn't stopped the star of the DIY Network's "Rehab Addict" from retaining an interest in the old homes of Minneapolis, and she has launched her latest broadside against the city over a teardown in the Lowry Hill East neighborhood.

In a Facebook post to her 1.1 million followers on Sunday evening, Curtis accused the City of Minneapolis of hypocrisy for presenting itself as a "green" city, while at the same time allowing the continued teardown of established properties for new builds – which she argues could also present potential health hazards in the form of lead exposure.

The case in question is 2109 Aldrich Avenue South, an 1890s-built duplex that was recently demolished to make way for an as-yet unbuilt 3-unit townhouse development.

"You know Minneapolis – the city that touts itself as one of the 'greenest' cities in the US," Curtis wrote. "Well, here’s the truth -they regulate every single thing you can think of -even passed a city ordinance making it illegal for styrofoam to-go containers —YET!!!!!!!!! They allow anyone to just drive up across a sidewalk and tear down a house.

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