Residents’ appeal of parking variance upheld by city committee

"A first-time apartment developer’s plan for a four-story, 23-unit building in Tangletown appeared to be cleared for construction, but the project has hit a snag after a group of more than 30 neighborhood residents successfully appealed the Planning Commission’s approval of a parking variance for the building.

"Now the developer, Joshua Segal, is heading back to the drawing board and revising his proposal for the Fullertown Flats project at 4736–4740 Grand Ave., a half block north of the 48th & Grand commercial intersection near Fuller Park."


"More than a dozen residents testified during the hearing, with many saying that Segal’s proposed apartment building will change the character of neighborhood, increase noise and make Grand Avenue more difficult to navigate during snow emergencies. Residents also raised concerns about numerical errors and inconsistencies on Segal’s application and some said they wished he had done more to solicit their input on the project."

After the hearing, a frustrated Segal said that the committee’s decision was influenced by the “uproar from the neighborhood” and that “we got bullied.”

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