Riverfront Redevelopment Concerns

KSTP - February 3, 2019

Minneapolis community gives input on proposed riverfront development of the Upper Harbor Terminal

CM Jeremiah Ellison Ward 5: "As it stands, I'm at peace with the plan, but I will continue to engage in dialogue," he said. 

CM Phillipe Cunningham Ward 4: "The concept plan is a high-level plan, a lot of this is still flexible, all voices are always necessary," announced Phillipe Cunningham.

Some Northside residents felt left out of the conversation and economic opportunities. They insisted on having more input and Sunday at a town hall gathering, critics seized the moment along with the microphone.

Concerned citizen: "I don't want to see all the money going to just the developers, there has to be ownership opportunities for citizens," said Don Hunker of Minneapolis.

See Events to join the rally prior to Council meeting on Tuesday 2/5.

See link to KSTP article and video here.

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