Safe & Affordable Houses

Responsible Renters and Our Neighborhoods Have a Voice At City Hall

We want safe and affordable neighborhoods for all. Minneapolis can help those who face barriers to housing without putting other residents at risk. We need real solutions that work for the whole city.

Instead of Minnesota-made solutions, a few city politicians are copying extreme regulations from other cities with skyrocketing rents, housing shortages, and socioeconomic challenges that just get worse with every new out-of-touch policy.

Those laws paper over real problems, don’t solve root causes, and will make renting more challenging for Minneapolis residents.

The latest City Council plan includes two misguided mandates. The first would eliminate consideration of most criminal records (including violent and disturbing offenses), payment and conduct history, and reasonable credit standards when screening rental applicants. 

The second proposal would impose security and damage deposit limits that will make it impossible for those with pets to find rental housing and limit opportunities for hard-to-house people.

We need city leaders to focus on the best interests of all renters and neighborhoods, not force more one-size-fits-all plans on us. Competing with other cities for the riskiest, most extreme plan is not the answer. Minneapolis is unique, and the city can find real solutions by engaging renters and the communities which they call home.

It’s time for everyone to have a voice. It’s time for the City Council to listen.

Read letter HERE.

"Safe & Affordable Houses"; by Nichol Beckstrand and Mike Garvin; Minnesota Multi Housing; May 21, 2019