Say No to the privatization of public housing

MPHA (Minneapolis Public Housing Authority) presented their MTW 2020 Annual Plan for public review and comments that they are planning to submit to HUD for approval in the fall of 2019.  MPHA and City of Minneapolis are voluntarily pushing the Trump and Carson agenda to end public housing which will displace over 11,000 low -income families with children, seniors, people with disabilities, Black, Black Muslims, immigrants, and refugees with language barriers who depend on public housing. 

Say No to the privatization of public housing. Please attend and speak at the Public Hearing and send a comment letter to support the current and future residents of public housing.  

MPHA's Public Hearing is open to the public, you must sign in to speak

         Wednesday, August 28, 2019

         Location:  MPHA's Board Room in their Headquarters  

        1001 Washington Avenue North 55401

        To speak and submit comments sign up at 12:30   

Facebook event page

Public housing residents along with Keep Public Housing Public Minneapolis Coalition are asking all of our allies and the people of Minneapolis and outside of Minneapolis to submit the below Letter that are comments to oppose MPHA and Minneapolis City‘s plans to end public housing. This is the first time since the creation of public housing shortly before WWII that the City of Minneapolis decided to end public housing as we know it.  Please submit your call to action letter/comments to MPHA, Minneapolis City Hall, MN State Legislatures, Governor Walz, and HUD. 

In addition to the items in the comment letter, we have since learned that MPHA received a letter of approval for Section 18 on Friday, August 16. The over 700 scattered site single family homes and families have not been informed about the much more urgent possible change in status. And remember, the Minneapolis 2040 plan outlawed single family zoning which fits neatly with MPHA’s development plans. Also, as of today, the MPHA documents are only in English and Somali. Public Housing residents include many languages including Hmong,  Eritrean and so much more. The residents are not being informed of the plans regarding their future.  At the last information session, when questioned about basic items in the plan such as data sharing, MPHA could not answer questions about their own plan. Afterwards, when speaking with MPHA employees, they did not even know that section was in the plan. Sound familiar?

The first changes are scheduled for the Elliot Twins at 1212 9th St S where not only will the units be renovated (they are already in good condition) and tenants moved, but they will also be cutting down the trees and destroying the outdoor common area between the towers to add an indoor common area unwanted by many residents. Some trees on the property were cut down last year and not replaced. There are no known plans to replace the common area trees either. MPHA, like the City of Minneapolis, is creating the same economic and environmental disaster we see coming from Minneapolis2040.

In late July, MPHA presented their draft MTW 2020 Annual Plan which is a report they plan to submit to HUD in the fall for approval that outlines how they will end public housing. MPHA is accepting public review and public comments for their plan.

Many public housing residents and the Keep Public Housing Public Minneapolis Coalition will be submitting the comments to MPHA, HUD and elected officials to let them know we oppose the privatization and the dismantling of public housing which will destroy Black and Brown communities of  Minneapolis. We have analyzed 90 pages of MPHA's MTW Plan that is full of contradictions and confusion. We encourage you to review our comments to get a better understanding of MPHA’s plans and use it as a reference when you are submitting your letter.

Please see below documents.

Letter Template

Public Officials Contact List

Thank you and please send to and ask all of your circle to be a part of this important movement in Minneapolis.

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