Sign the Petition to Save the Parkway

This petition relates to the Lynhurst area of concern and was organized by adjacent neighbors. Please help support their common sense voice.

Dear Neighbors:

As many of you know, there is a vote coming in January on a Park Board plan to close northbound car traffic on W. Minnehaha and reroute cars west on 51st Street to James Ave to 50th St.

As you know already, any extra traffic on James is a terrible plan. And there are significant risks to pedestrians and bikers crossing the street near the James Ave bridge.

Please take a moment and share your comments on the survey link (below). Then forward the survey link to other people you know.

I plan to submit the petition and all comments to the Park Board and the CAC by Dec. 20th. I’m at a loss to think of a more efficient or effective way to convey our shared concerns.



Please sign the petition here and share the link:

Please also fill out the Park Board survey about the plans for the entire length of Minnehaha Parkway:

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