Smart Growth Minneapolis Appeal Hearing: This Wednesday

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Smart Growth Minneapolis Lawsuit Update: MN Court of Appeals, Wednesday, Dec. 11, 9:30am., St. Paul MN

Hello Fellow Environmentalists,

We continue to fight for density done right in Minneapolis!

Our case will be heard by the MN Court of Appeals next Wednesday and it is open to the public. Please come and show your support!

Wednesday, Dec. 11, 9:30am., courtroom 100

Minnesota Court of Appeals

Minnesota Judicial Center, 25 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Bvld., St. Paul, MN 55155

Minneapolis’s 2040 Plan is the most radical deregulation of zoning protection ever attempted anywhere in the United States. The 2040 Plan greatly expands building size and height in vast stretches throughout Minneapolis.

Despite the massive scale of City Council’s plan to undo much of the zoning in Minneapolis, City staff have admitted that the City has virtually nothing to show that it studied the environmental effects of the 2040 Plan. This is why Smart Growth Minneapolis (SGM) engaged a highly respected environmental consulting firm, Sunde Engineering, to assess any environmental harm likely to result from City’s 2040 Plan and, armed with Sunde’s analysis that the 2040 Plan would likely impair the water, air and natural environment in Minneapolis, filed a lawsuit to protect the City environment.

By failing to consider the myriad environmental effects of their 2040 Plan, the Minneapolis City Council squandered a crucial opportunity to proactively harmonize its climate change resilience and other goals with concerns over degradation of water, air, and natural resources related to increasing land development. If we are successful in our lawsuit, we believe that the requisite factually-informed response by the City will result in significant alterations in the 2040 Plan, including development of appropriate strategies for mitigating the likely adverse effects of the Plan. If we fail, we will be faced in the coming decades with a dramatically deteriorating environment not only in our city, but throughout Minnesota.

According to Sunde Engineering, implementation of the 2040 in its current form would “cause pollution and impairments to the environment” on a large scale, and that the level of development authorized by the current 2040 would significantly overwhelm “existing infrastructure that was implemented based on entirely different design criteria”. Sunde’s report concludes that in its current form the 2040 Plan “lacks the development of any specific criteria or mitigation steps necessary to reduce or minimize impacts resulting in likely pollution and harmful effects to natural resources.” (All three quotes from the Sunde report Executive Summary and Conclusion.) For more information, resources and to make a donation please visit:

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