Splash: Conjuring a Ripple Effect

This piece comes to Vox.MN from Michael Chaney. He is a food activist and the force behind Project Sweetie Pie, which is revitalizing North Minneapolis using scattered gardens to seed community agricultural businesses and ultimately a Food Corridor with 500+ liveable wage jobs within walking distance from home.

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Our theory of change is transformative: A change of scenery produces a change of one’s world view resulting in a change in one’s life.

Left unaltered, nature is a showroom of biodiversity. It is comprised of a vibrant and rich tapestry of living color. Alive, fresh, innovative “Splash” is a rejuvenating and integrated approach to youth programming that replicates and mimics nature creating a seamless classroom without walls. How do we harness values that put us in sync with nature rather than at odds with mother earth?

With global warming and climate change looming as existential threats to our very existence as humans it is incumbent that we incubate curriculum, programs, and best practices that bring us together as one. If we are to survive we cannot continue to act in isolation, insulated around a singular body politic that is narrow, myopic, divisive and self-serving. We must extricate ourselves from antiquated approaches that perceive youth as commodities and relegate education to the dustbin of conventional prescriptive means and instead create as “the commons” environmental experiences that advocate and celebrate our independent cultural realities as reflective elements of bio-diversity. Join us in pioneering life experiences that are embedded in an integrated and inclusive framework that requires that participants roll up their sleeves, put on their thinking caps, and get ready to row the boat ashore. Join us as we set sail down our river of change!

Project Sweetie Pie has led a revitalization of North Minneapolis’ food system, health, environment, economy, and consciousness through the power of growing food for the people. The organization is working to build community gardens, connect with residents through social media, and develop training opportunities for urban agriculture, food production, and the culinary arts.

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