Suburban leaders allowing larger, denser developments in this building boom

Many are skirting development restrictions to meet housing demand. 

The White Bear Lake City Council soon will consider the fate of a 193-unit apartment complex on about 5 acres, a project that is taller and has more units than the city code allows.

But city planners say the project meets a local housing need, so it's worth exempting the developer from a few city restrictions.

White Bear Lake is among a growing number of suburbs that are working around longtime development restrictions to transform oddly shaped or blighted lots into new apartments, homes and businesses.

Increasingly, suburban officials are relying on these projects to rejuvenate stagnant corners of their communities and draw new residents of varying ages and incomes.

"Suburban zoning codes are often not ­keeping up with the changing market and consumer expectations," said Anne Kane, White Bear Lake's director of community development.

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"Suburban leaders allowing larger, denser developments in this building boom"; by Shannon Prather; StarTribune; June 1, 2019

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