The Bicycle Lobby and the War on Cars

April 9, 2021

Need to use a car? You are evil.

Even those of us with EVs are not worthy of infrastructure. In 2021, there are 21 new EV auto introductions, and an avalanche of more are coming in 2022.

Maybe you are handicapped, maybe you are elderly, maybe you have small children, maybe there is severe weather. You will have trouble navigating in a car and you won't get parking in Minneapolis if the Bicycle Advisory Committee gets their way.

Maybe we should all take the bus? Seems like that is an unpopular choice. The local transit ridership has declined 25% over the last 6 years, making the cost per ride $20+ per ride right now. With Covid rewriting the rules on where we work in the future, transit ridership is certain to continue the downtrend. That really makes the $2B+ cost of SWLRT to shuffle folks between Eden Prairie and downtown Minneapolis look like a seriously flawed investment.

Here the actual minutes from the March 24, 2021 Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee meeting. You can read the whole recap here.

Right now the Uptown Association is trying to get the City to understand that the two "options" for the redux of Hennepin Avenue that removes parking are the death knell of the remaining struggling small businesses lining that corridor.

Please help them by filling out the city survey:

THANK YOU to all who have supported and signed our petition asking for Minneapolis City Council to delay voting on the existing two South Hennepin reconstruction design proposals; with the purpose to seek revised options that better support the needs of businesses, ALL visitors and residents on Hennepin Avenue. It is also very important you additionally complete the City's online COMMENT FORM which is open through April 16. Project webpage:

Please sign the petition and join our campaign!


And let's remember all of this as we evaluate new Council Members in November. We need Council Members that will listen to constituents and fight for residents. We all want Climate Resilience, but these draconian proposals completely ignore the need for equity and inclusiveness for all and the advent of climate-friendly mobility.

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