The Company Lisa Bender Keeps

By Vox.MN Contributor - May 11, 2019 -

Looks like Lisa Bender and Scott Weiner are cozying up and swapping strategy.

Selling Out California: Scott Wiener’s Money Ties to Big Real Estate

By Patrick Range McDonald - March 26, 2019

Largely unreported by the media, Wiener, a one-time San Francisco supervisor, has always relied on campaign contributions from the real estate industry — landlords, developers, real estate attorneys, property management firms, brokers, architects, among others — to get elected and stay in power. That’s particularly true for his seat in the California State Senate. In 2016, he hauled in nearly 700 donations from Big Real Estate totaling $574,276, according to state records reviewed by Housing Is A Human Right. That campaign cash helped Wiener squeak by his underdog opponent, Jane Kim. As a result, he’s indebted to the real estate industry, and he’s been relentlessly pushing housing policies as a state senator, specifically SB 827 and its troubling 2019 reboot, SB 50, that can generate billions for an array of real estate players who are his political patrons.

A little more than two years into his first term as state senator, Wiener has shown no signs of redemption. If anything, he’s expanded the base of real estate contributors that he carefully cultivated as a local official in San Francisco, raking in even more campaign cash to maintain, and grow, his power — so far, for his 2020 reelection bid, Wiener has hauled in a prodigious $153,816 from the real estate industry. But since he’s now a brazen legislator in Sacramento, the entire state of California may suffer the life-altering consequences of Wiener’s political paybacks to Big Real Estate.

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Turns out, not everyone is believing that Lisa Bender's heart is in the right place about anti-displacement, and her actions do not match her Twitter spin:

As a reminder, here is Mayor's Frey's 2018 campaign contribution summary, with a slew of developers and real estate industry members represented.

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