The density craze is ruining urban life in Minneapolis

Neither suburbs nor cities are idyllic, but density isn't the answer. 

Urbanist Mary Morse Marti (“Fear won’t obstruct march toward urban solutions,” April 9) apparently missed the point of “Density in a time of coronavirus” (April 5), the Katherine Kersten commentary Marti’s counterpoint deplored and dismissed.

Kersten’s point was not that suburban life is idyllic and urban life is horrible. Her point was that adding density to urban areas like Minneapolis has unforeseen consequences when an epidemic requires social distancing.

I have lived in Uptown Minneapolis for over 30 years. Uptown is the epicenter and guinea pig for increased urbanization. During the past 20 years, a phalanx of pricey six-story apartments and townhouses has been built along the Greenway between Lyndale and Hennepin Avenues and is expanding in both directions along Lake Street and Lagoon Avenue. Traffic congestion, always bad, has become worse. Side streets are lined with parked cars since surface parking lots have largely disappeared.

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"The density craze is ruining urban life in Minneapolis"; By Donald Wolesky; Minneapolis StarTribune Opinion Pages; April 14, 2020

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Donald Wolesky lives in Minneapolis.

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