The DMNA represents 150,000 people. They're not happy with N2020 plan's 'one size fits all'

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Downtown Minneapolis is divided into two official neighborhoods: Downtown East and Downtown West. The Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Associa-tion represents the interests of the nearly 150,000 people who live, work and own property in the Downtown community.

The differences between the two downtown neighborhoods, where virtually everyone lives in large apartment buildings, and other neighborhoods where people live in single-family homes, duplexes, and small apartment/condo buildings, is obvious. But not to the authors of Neighborhoods 2020.

Door-knocking to connect with neighborhood residents? Get serious. "We have experienced great difficulty in even getting access to common room facilities in condo and apartment buildings," the DMNA board writes in their response to the city's Neighborhoods 2020 Plan. "The DMNA hopes the City will recognize that what works in one neighborhood, isn’t always reasonable and practical in another."

And it goes on. The DMNA's long list of suggestions and criticisms, in fact, makes one question the Neighborhood and Community Relations department's vaunted "listening sessions" and "community engagement." This is supposed to be an almost final draft, yet it seems more like an initial proposal. Were they even listening?

Go HERE for the DMNA's response.

Go HERE for the DMNA's website.