The Downward Spiral of Minneapolis Public Schools Is Just Beginning

Minneapolis Public Schools is about to make a dramatic change. Why now?

Tuesday, May 12, 2020 by Michelle Wiese in City Pages

During a global pandemic that is devastating families, communities, and local economies, we need to remain focused on teaching and supporting our students. Why, when everything from the Olympics to Major League Baseball is on hold, is our district insisting on pushing through their agenda? Instead, Minneapolis Public Schools should put all of their resources into creating the best possible virtual classrooms, as we might need to teach virtually again this fall.

Read full article here.

Update 5/13/20: Minneapolis School Board pushed thru the controversial Comprehensive District Design plan, with 6 voting for it and 3 against (KerryJo Felder, Bob Walser, and Ira Jordain). Read the entire statement from #OurMPS here.

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