The salon wants us stacked and packed. It’s all wrong.

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By the sound of it, by the sound of Dr. Fauci and other experts, we are only just beginning to understand the craft of social distancing. The coronavirus might very well become seasonal and the day will come when we get a corona shot along with a flu shot and whatever other elixir awaits us at the end of the future needle.

The future is going to be wild. We certainly don’t have much reason to believe that the coronavirus is a one and done. Other diseases will occur and spread. In the United States, we’re just getting started.

So think about something. We are governed by a political class that did not see this coming. Nor did we, I suppose. Surviving a pandemic was not on the political radar. I am talking about the Twin Cities and all the areas of the country closest to the country’s tallest buildings.

Everything the political class has envisioned and brought about is wrong in the face of a pandemic, high-density housing, public transportation on buses and trains, communally shared bicycles and scooters, personal shopping bags, as opposed to cleaner plastic, the bans on drive-throughs at drug stores and banks and fast-food places. Absolutely everything is wrong.

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"Soucheray: The salon wants us stacked and packed. It’s all wrong"; By Joe Soucheray; THE PIONEER PRESS; March 28, 2020

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