They Really Are Selling Paradise to Put Up A Parking Lot

From Liz Wielinski,

■ former District 1 Park Board commissioner, 2010-2018 District 1 (Northeast Minneapolis)

■ former Park Board president, January 2014-June 2016

March 4, 2019

On this week's MPRB planning committee agenda are TWO proposals to sell parkland to create parking lots. One site is along the river. After selling a surface lot for development now the Federal Reserve Bank seems to realize they are short of parking and want to build a ramp on parkland. They claim they will create a path for public access ... but we saw how that worked when they fenced off the last public access trail after 9/11. It now looks like a prison entrance on the river. Fool me once and all that ....

The other is a site at the corner of Central Ave. and St Anthony Parkway. Let's cut down some beautiful large trees so an Islamic Center can have off-street parking. The Hispanic Christian Church, the previous owners, were denied. The evangelical church before them was also denied. This looks suspiciously arbitrary and capricious. That's exactly what I will be telling the judge when as a citizen I can testify against this site being declared "surplus parkland."

SURPLUS parkland??!!

Let your park commissioners know just how BAD these two moves are. Ask them ... whose interests are they serving currently anyway?

Liz Wielinski

Former Park Board Commissioner and Board President

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