Tri-Plex Development: The 2040 Plan Investor Strategy

Understand how to leverage the Minneapolis 2040 plan to identify lucrative multi-family development opportunities.

Learn from architect William Wells and contractor Chris Casey with CNC Construction how they are successfully implementing this investment strategy in the Minneapolis area and leveraging the new zoning laws to their best advantage.

Learn from the experts about the development process, zoning issues, key players involved and construction cost.

William Wells, Owner and Architect at Wells & Company Architects.

Mr. Wells is an expert in Multi-family infill housing design and construction in Minneapolis. His firm has successfully designed many triplexes and fourplexes in Minneapolis over the past 15 years. His projects are consistently fully rented and maximizing returns for clients. His firm focuses on working with real estate investors looking to grow their portfolio through small infill housing development in desirable locations.

"Tri-Plex Development: The 2040 Plan Investor Strategy"; Fulton Reality; Facebook; May 30, 2019

The launch of Minneapolis Gentrification on a grand scale.

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