True Words from Strib Commenter

This was posted under the Star Tribune comments about the Property Tax hikes we are experiencing in the Twin Cities (see link here). These are sentiments we can relate to:

Just prior to reading this article I read the heart, mind, and soul retching article about how the State has taken over and unfathomably mishandled the assessments for people with disabilities.

When I mentally and emotionally ponder these two articles, it is with the backdrop of the many detailed reports of fraud, theft, and gross misuse of billions in our State government, and with permanently etched memories of the recent videos of the absolutely un-human savage, unprovoked attacks on vulnerable people in downtown Minneapolis.

I sit here this morning serious doubting what I have strongly believed for over 20 years:  That pushing for strictly progressive Democratic solutions.....even to the fringes of socialism..... results in the best help and compassionate care for the poor, the working class, and those of our society with the greatest needs, while enriching society at all levels.

I am watching my beloved city crumble in almost every aspect before my eyes, while the leaders focus on bike lanes, changing lake names, eliminating discipline (even for felonies) in schools, driving good paying non-college manufacturing jobs out, arguing about whether police should have guns, and always taking more money from people who can't afford it.

I have siblings in similar sized cities that are run by more politically diverse leadership, or even one that is almost as conservative as we are progressive.  Yet their cities have schools that prepare their kids well for the future.  Their infrastructure is far better than ours.  Their taxes are markedly lower than ours.  Their crime rates are lower and dropping.  They have businesses, both white collar and blue collar, streaming in.  Their poor view themselves as temporarily so, not locked in for generations.  

I seriously fear it may be too late for Minneapolis. That we are a San Francisco without the saving Silicon Valley.  A Seattle without Microsoft or Boeing.  A Chicago, Detroit, or Baltimore that started so much better but is on a much steeper decline.

Do I still think it is best that we go with a universal health care that will make all health decisions like the article I just read?  Approve recreational drug use and see the shockingly high use rates Colorado has?  Further reduce and restrict our police forces? Force manufacturing companies out of our city?  Continue restricting charter schools while eliminating discipline in our public ones?

I really don't know. 

But at least I can go to bed each night knowing our leaders have added more bike lanes and renamed lakes and roads.

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