Unprecedented Violence

May 26, 2021

It has been a dangerous two weeks in Minneapolis.

A member submitted a Letter to the Editor that was printed in the Star Tribune today. Sadly, it was cut and edited prior to publishing. Here is the full version:

A girl jumping on a trampoline at a birthday party. Shot.

Hotrodders taking over our streets. Bystander struck.

A middle school in session in late morning. Stray bullets penetrate.

A six-year-old eating a Happy Meal in the family car on the way home. Shot and killed.

A woman in Northeast home from a shopping trip. Carjacked.

A pastor with his kids advocating for peace on a street corner. Evacuated due to gang war.

An Urban Ventures youth soccer coach and team caught in crossfire. Coach grazed with bullet.

A college senior celebrating with his friends the night before his graduation ceremony. Shot and killed.

Minneapolis. ENOUGH.