Upper Harbor: A rare opportunity for the City to reduce gentrification

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

From the Friends of the Mississippi River:

"Right now, we believe that the city's leaders are choosing not to make the most of this significant and unique redevelopment opportunity. Rather than approaching it as a creative and transformative community development project, they've chosen to treat it more like a typical real-estate development process.

"But the good news is that these city leaders are elected and should be responding to their constituents' concerns. And any sale of city-owned land requires a public hearing and a city council vote — opportunities for community voice and influence.

"Future Above the Falls area redevelopments will likely offer less opportunity for community influence. When a private landowner sells to another private landowner, the city can't do much to affect that transaction. Cities can use zoning and policy to influence private development but control is much more limited."

"This is another way in which UHT is an important catalyst: What happens at UHT will influence the market for surrounding privately-owned parcels, therefore impacting through market forces what can't be controlled through government intervention. This is a rare opportunity for the city to reduce rather than exacerbate gentrification."

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