Weigh in on the City's 2020 Budget

There are three upcoming public hearings for people to share thoughts on Mayor Jacob Frey’s recommended 2020 City budget. Comments can also be submitted online.

Budget public hearings at City Hall:

Nov 7th at 9:30am: This is a daytime public hearing, intended to get input on the Mayor’s recommended budget choices. Think of it as a check-in before we do anything to this budget.

Dec 4th at 6pm: This is the official annual “Truth in Taxation” hearing, it is intended to get community input on the total levy amount.  Of course, where the public chooses to weigh in is their own discretion. But officially that is the purpose and that is how it’s communicated from the county and our Assessor’s office.

Dec 11th at 6pm: The intent is for the public to respond to Council’s amendments, for Council to make any further changes based on that, and then to adopt the 2020 budget.

Comments submitted online will enter the public record and be shared with the Mayor and Council Members. The City Council is scheduled to vote on adopting the budget Wednesday, Dec. 11.

The mayor’s recommended 2020 budget is $1.6 Billion. The City’s revenues come from a variety of sources with property taxes accounting for about 23% of the budget.

Visit the City’s budget website to learn more about the budget and key dates and watch a video about how to participate in the budget process. You can also watch budget hearings on Minneapolis City Council TV. Tune to SD channel 14 or HD channel 799 on Comcast or SD channel 8001 or HD channel 8501 on CenturyLink. You can also watch archived meetings on the City of Minneapolis YouTube channel.

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