Well-calculated rezoning can work. But the sweeping 2040 Plan won’t

A Prospect Park community leader wrote on Saturday about how his community has evolved over time to accept a mixture of single-family homes with multiunit dwellings (“Increase density, built community,” Readers Write, Sept. 21). He did not mention that it was all done under current residential zoning laws, which will be totally obliterated under the Minneapolis 2040 Plan.

There’s night-and-day difference between the well-calculated property-by-property rezonings that Prospect Park experienced vs. the 2040 Plan, which upzones every home and duplex in Minneapolis in every neighborhood in one fell swoop.

Under the plan, all single-family homes and duplexes everywhere will be upzoned to at least triplex status. Zoning on busy streets will be boosted to allow apartment buildings at least three stories high. Residential properties across the alleys of busy streets will be upzoned to at least 2.5-story apartment buildings. Residences in more congested area will be upzoned to allow four- to 10-story buildings.

One more thing: Off-street parking will not be required.

Minneapolis is the best big city in America. Its strength is based on the hardworking people who tend their modest-but-charming homes typically situated on narrow lots that are a fraction of the size of most of their suburban neighbors. We are second only to Salt Lake City in millennial homeownership. I’m aghast that the mayor and City Council want to make it so simple and easy for speculators to “flip” our neighborhoods but so difficult for the highly taxed and deeply rooted homeowners who have made Minneapolis the envy of the country.

Say “no” to risky citywide upzoning and keep our current zoning laws. They worked in Prospect Park.


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."Well-calculated rezoning can work. But the sweeping 2040 Plan won’t", By Wes Skoglund; StarTribune Readers Write; Sept 24, 2019

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