What Shoreland Overlay District?

Here we go, another developer planning to increase height on an East Calhoun Parkway project that would violate the Shoreland Overlay District requirements.

"A developer is planning to build a four-story, 16-unit residential building on East Calhoun Parkway on the northeast shore of Bde Maka Ska."

"Two of the three parcels in the project site are zoned R3 multiple-family district and a third is zoned R2B two-family district. The site is also part of a shoreland-overlay district, which caps development at 2.5 stories, unless a developer receives a conditional-use permit.

The development team is petitioning to rezone the R2B parcel as R3. The team is also seeking three variances for the project and a conditional-use permit to increase the maximum building height to 49 feet from 35 feet."

The Planning Commission is tentatively scheduled to take up the project on Feb. 25. Full article from the Southwest Journal (Nate Gotlieb, February 11, 2019) here.

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