Who are North Siders watching warily? (Hint: starts with a 'd'.)

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

"Fight for North Side's future" shouted the large headline in the print edition of the Sunday, March 17 StarTribune.

"Entrepreneurs and nonprofits invest in commercial real estate to keep north Minneapolis local" is the toned-down headline of the online version of Nicole Norfleet's article about the concern for many North Siders that as rents rise and redevelopment hits, small local businesses will become collateral damage.

"Several entrepreneurs such as [architect and North Sider Jamil] Ford and nonprofit organizations are working to bolster local ownership and affordable leasing of commercial properties in north Minneapolis, especially local businesses led by people of color who they fear could be displaced as the area develops, Norfleet writes.

Jeff Washburne, executive director of the City of Lakes Community Land Trust, said, “It’s racially. It’s economically. It’s containers on the street, people rehab-bing homes. … It’s flipping quick and values are going up. ... All these guys that have been holding onto these properties along Broadway [Avenue], that price point is going to get to the right point and they are going to start selling and the community will have no say in what happens.”

These concerns mirror exactly the fears of many North Siders that the massive Upper Harbor Terminal project will result in massive gentrification and big-bucks commercial development that will leave lower income people, and especially people of color, in the dust.

Read the full article HERE to hear what North Siders are saying and are planning to do to keep it affordable and keep it local.

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