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Workshop at the Community Connections Conference, your thoughts?

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Here is one of the workshops at the upcoming Community Connections Conference put on by the City. Does this sound like a topic that is committed to healing Minneapolis? Or just one more thing that is intentionally exacerbating racial tension? My opinion: WE NEED LEADERS WITH INTEGRITY WHO WANT TO HEAL OUR CITY. Please let me know what y'all think of this...

Understanding White Supremacy and its Impact on Engagement:

Citywide community engagement is a goal of the City of Minneapolis. One of the biggest obstacles to authentic citywide engagement is systemic racism and white supremacy. The first thing needed to deal with this obstacle is an understanding of what racism and white supremacy really are. This interactive workshop will dig into these issues and look for, not only understanding, but some beginning ways to overcome the obstacles. - Metro State University

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