Terms for Use

VOX.MN Terms and Conditions for Use of the Website

Welcome to VOX.MN

We are a coalition of private citizens who share a common interest in the welfare of the city of Minneapolis and its residents.

We use our website and blog to exchange, in an honest and respectful manner, information and ideas that we believe will improve the city.


Individuals become Members after being invited by an existing member and subsequently approved by the site leaders.

Members must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of Minneapolis, or employed in the city of Minneapolis.

Others may be invited under special considerations.


We expect Members to use good judgment, be respectful and considerate when interacting with each other on the website and blog.

We believe in the pursuit of truth but do not believe it is a license for arrogance, reckless anger or attack.

We do not divulge information about Members without their explicit permission. We expect honest, respectful, and accountable participation:


Honesty and Fairness

We don’t publish as true information we know to be inaccurate.

We represent ourselves and our ideas as our own.

We don’t plagiarize. We acknowledge when material has originated with others.

We identify the sources of private and copyrighted information or else use it with permission, identifying and linking to sources whenever feasible.

We do not misrepresent or distort material, including photos, without explanation.

We distinguish between advocacy, commentary, factual information, and advertising.


We do not deliberately offend each other.

We use good taste — avoiding obscenities and other kinds of offensive language.


We admit mistakes and correct them promptly.

We disclose conflicts of interest, affiliations, activities and personal agendas.

We disclose favored treatment to other special interest groups.

We do not tolerate unethical uses of Vox.MN  by Members..

We abide by the same high standards to which we hold others.


Members are legally responsible for our own use of the website and blog. That means:

If Members violate the terms of use, they may be blocked from participation.

Neither the website organization nor individual members are responsible for what other members post.

The organization does not offer legal or liability protection to its Members.



Vox.MN is governed collaboratively by its Members, guided by common sense and sound judgment.


Vox.MN is a rich source of information for the public about challenges we face in Minneapolis and ideas about how to meet them. There is also a section in which members can exchange ideas and information in confidence.


The content of the website belongs to the Members jointly and can not be used by the public without permission.


If you have any questions about the Terms and Conditions please contact us.

Your VOXMN Team

These Terms of Use utilize and rely heavily on the contents of the “A BLOGGERS’ CODE OF ETHICS”; January 1, 2013; CYBERJOURNALIST.NET web site