Listen to City of Minneapolis CPED leaders as they lead a presentation called "Race, Place and Equity." 

Learn how they stumbled across the Mapping Prejudice article in the Star Tribune in 2016 (4:29) and co-opted it to justify Land Use in the Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan.  

Highlights include Heather Worthington delivering mixed messages such as (10:06) "Homes are typically the most durable and sustainable way to grow wealth in your family...and the primary source of savings." This is followed later with advice to consider such as (50:12) "This single avenue for wealth building is really problematic and we've put all of our eggs into this basket of a single family home or a condominium or some kind of owner-occupied structure, right, and it really kind of an imperfect system, right?  And actually, increasingly, it is not that great a vehicle for wealth-building.  That is what we have found."


  Urban Currents with Heather Worthington and Paul Mogush

Cuningham Group Session February 26, 2019